About Catalina Vlad-Ortiz

Professor Vlad-Ortiz started her career as registered dietitian. She specializes in medical nutrition therapy, preventative health, focusing extensively on nutrition education.  During her practice, she used her expertise in nutrition counseling to create custom-tailored nutrition sessions using evidence-based care and instruction to maximize intervention outcomes, skill application and self-efficacy development.

She now currently works as an Instructor of Nutrition. Drawing from her practice, her approach to teaching nutrition is rooted in the fact that food and food customs heavily relate to many aspects that makes an individual unique. She strongly believes that nutrition is both personal and professional. Students in her courses are offered perspectives on not only diet implications, but also how nutrition creates positive, lasting change for a lifetime.

The possibilities and potential that education technology holds has propelled Professor Vlad-Ortiz to pursue a master’s degree in digital education leadership.  She plans on using this master’s degree to morph her current courses.  Additionally, she plans on applying these concepts to the dietetics practice through the enhancement of patient education, and continuing education using education technology best practices.